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🎉 Opening of Our New Rural Healthcare Clinic in Matari, DR Congo! 🎉

July 23rd, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the official inauguration of our new healthcare clinic in the heart of rural Congo, dedicated to serving and uplifting the local community. This milestone represents a significant step towards improving healthcare accessibility and providing vital medical services to those who need it most.

This clinic is more than just a medical facility – it’s a beacon of hope, a place where compassionate care shall meet state-of-the-art treatment in a geographic area where people have to travel dozens of miles/kilometers to access care. With a team of dedicated healthcare professionals, we are committed to delivering high-quality healthcare services, promoting wellness, and fostering a healthier future for all.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has supported us on this journey, from our generous donors to the local community members who have embraced this vision. A special mention to Dr. Kimberly Frost-Pineda, and Mr. Jean Paul Littleton, for the unparalleled support. Together, we can create a lasting positive change and build a healthier, stronger Congo.

Matari Health Center/RWI
Matari Health Center
Father Emery Ngamasana prayed and blessed the center
Blessing of the center
Dr Constant Keke, Head of Health Zone cut the ribbon
🎀 Cutting of the Ribbon Ceremony 🎀
RWI President, Emery Ngamasana addressing the community
RWI President addressed the community

We also met the children for whom we are sponsoring education (tuition fees, school supplies). Learn more about these children.

RWI President with sponsored children
Sponsored children

Construction of a small clinic in Matari [June 2022]

We are leading efforts with the people of Matari to build a small clinic. This clinic will serve as a triage center and will improve access to healthcare among people living in Matari and all the surrounding villages. People from all ages, and gender are involved and giving their hands to make this project happen.

Reception of books at Musim College

During our last in July 2021, we were met with requests for English books. In a country where French is the administrative language and the language of education, people have come to realize that knowledge of English (speaking, reading, and writing) has become fundamental if one needs to aim for a better life. Consequently, many people are interested to learn English. Our stay in Mokala and Eolo (Kwilu province, DRC) stimulated that need even further for those that we met. Couple of young people came to meet us and wanted to have a full conversation in English. Out of those conversation, emerged requests for books to help them learn and improve their English.

Between November and December 2021, Rural World Impetus contracted with a women ERG (Employees Resource Group) at RJ Reynolds (Winston-Salem, NC) to run a book drive. Books were collected and shipped to Congo. Here below, a short video featuring the reception of the books by the head of Musim Institute in Mokala. These books are going to serve all residents of Mokala and the surrounding villages, who want to learn English.


Meet Charmante Papata from Musim High School in Mokala, Congo

Charmante is brilliant student in grade 8th. We were recently approached by the school Principal at Musim High School, Father Blaise Zainde, in Mokala about Charmante’s case. She is a brilliant student with no support and her parents were planning to take her out of school. Generally, at Charmante’s age, when the family can’t afford to continue to pay for tuition fees, the next step is marriage. Hence, we decided to cover her tuition fees through grade 12th. Our decision came with great excitement from the School Principal and her parents. We hope that Charmante will be able to continue to continue her education through college and dream for a better future.

Charmante Papata

Awarding best performing students in Matari primary School

During our last trip in the country, we identified the best performing students at Matari primary school and awarded each with a Nike shirt.  In addition, we pledged to cover their tuition fees and provide them with school supplies each year until they go to college. Please consider joining our efforts by pledging to cover tuition fees and school supplies for one of these children, especially young girls.

Distribution of School supplies to the children supported by RWI

Two of our students now attending Musim High School (the best middle and high school in the area). Tuition covered by RWI

Eolo Hospital Equipped with a new operating table by RWI

RWI received an operating table from Wake Forest medical school and an exam table from Winston-Salem Community Care Center. These with many other medical supplies and generic medicines were distributed to health care facilities: Hopital Sacre Coeur Eolo, Centre de Sante Longwama, Centre de Sante Kio, Hopital General de Reference Mokala. These health facilities also received each a good amount of vitamins for pregnant women.  They are distributed free of charge to all pregnant women.  In addition, Hopital Sacre Coeur Eolo received a modern operating table and an exam table.

Exam table donated by Winstom-Salem Community Care Center
exam bed donated for the congo
Operating table donated by Wake Forest Medical School to Eolo Hospital

Post-partum women received clean birth kits donated by Dr Kimberly Frost-Pineda, PhD MPH

Distribution of clothes and shoes in Matari

We received donations of used and new clothes and shoes, which we have distributed in Matari. Clothes and shoes included different sizes (e.g., ranging from toddlers to adults), and types (e.g., men and women). The population of Matari received the donation with heartfelt gratitude and joy. We would like to show our gratitude to all those who donated clothes and shoes. Your generosity shines the light of hope and joy to the deprived population we serve.

Donation of a microscope
Women receiving clothes from RWI
Women receiving clothes from RWI
Men clothes

Connecting Eolo Hospital to High-Speed Internet

We have been working with Konnect Africa, a local Internet Provider to connect Sacred Heart Hospital in Eolo to high-speed Internet. This project was effective on April 16th, 2021. For the first time ever, the City of Eolo was connected to high-speed Internet through the Hospital. The local healthcare team can now communicate with colleagues outside of Eolo and seek support when necessary. They can also attend remote training for capacity building.

Donations received from Novant Health and Wake Forest Medical Center

Through our partner Joseph Mary Hope, we have secured some medical supplies from Novant Health for the health facilities in the Mateko Sector. We are in the process of organizing the shipment. We thank our partner JMHOP for their help and dedication and we look forward to expanding our partnership.

On March 19, 2021 we received some additional medical equipment from Wake Forest Medical School. On April 2nd, we loaded our first shipment in a container and shipped it to Congo. The container is expected in the country in the coming months. We thank Dr Evelyn Anthony for her support and dedication to our cause.

donation medical supplies for Congo received from Novant Health
A Donation of Medical Supplies
donated medical equipment for the DRC
AMSCO surgical table, Biodex Medical Respirator, Cheetah Vital Sign Monitors, Mid Mark Exam Table
Donated Medical Equipment for the Congo
March 19, 2021. Sonosite M-Turbo received from Wake Forest medical School