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A Heart to Help Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

Emery Ngamasana grew up in a poverty stricken, rural area of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  His father and mother were very involved in his life and wanted to give him the best opportunities they possibly could.  However, that’s not the case for many children growing up in DRC.  Many parents face hard economic situations and cannot afford to send their children to school.  The DRC education system does not have the infrastructure for all children to get a quality education for free.

school in rural DRC
School in Rural DRC

Emery’s parents were vital in his education.  They worked hard to make sure Emery was successful in school.  They knew education was the key to giving him opportunities outside of his home village.

A Young Congolese Man’s Dream

Emery was successful in school due to hard work, determination and desire.  His success in education led him to the United States, where he now works as a Senior Scientist at Reynolds American, Incorporated in Winston-Salem, NC.  He also is currently working towards his PHD at the University of North Carolina Charlotte.

His experience of living in a poor area with little economic opportunity developed a passion in him to want to help his fellow brothers and sisters in Congo.  Emery founded Rural World Impetus, Inc in 2020 to do just that.  His dream is to not only help those less fortunate than him with their educational needs, but he aims to improve the healthcare and economic opportunities in his home village.  Hence the vision of RWI:  We support youth education and community’s access to healthcare services, and we empower families for economic self-sufficiency.  His vision has resonated with others and helped his team grow.

Giving Back to Congo

Emery has been fortunate to enjoy all that America has to offer.  Sending his kids to a good public school, buying a home, earning a good living, and continuing his own education.  But he has not forgotten about his birthplace and his friends and family back home.  He has been working hard to collect much needed donations to give back to Congo.  Donations have included clothes, books, book bags, shoes and other personal and household items.  He has also networked with leaders in the community partnering with local businesses like Novant Health and Wake Forest Baptist Hospital.  Each of these large healthcare organizations has donated medical equipment to RWI, which has since been shipped to the DRC and taken to his rural community where he grew up.

Donated Medical Equipment for the Congo donated medical equipment for the DRC

Rural World Impetus’ Philanthropy in the DRC

We’ll use this blog to keep you informed of RWI’s latest activity, projects, and questions about the directions and actions of philanthropy in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We intend to promote conversations and community among philanthropists, social change agents, nonprofit leaders, and anyone else who cares about helping the people and children of the DRC.

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