Where We Work

Territory of Idiofa (DRC)

RWI, Inc serves rural communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo, specifically we cover the Northern part of the Territory of Idiofa, which covers the administrative sector of Mateko.

Mateko (see map below) includes over 100+ villages and expands on a surface area of 1,477.79 sq. km (km2). Within the sector, the Catholic Mission of Mokala had been the backbone of the school system and healthcare services for many decades. However, with the unrestrained population growth, the ageing and crumbling infrastructures in Mokala are no longer able to accommodate the influx of students, and patients thereby prompting the need for additional schools and health facilities in the sector.

Over time, once-offs support from individual donors and church’s organizations, allowed to build and/or renovate some additional schools infrastructures in the city of Eolo, and in the villages of Kimpanga, and Lungwama. Nevertheless, not only that the infrastructure is still lacking but also the standard of education in those villages has remained well below the national, provincial averages.

Hence our three-fold model including Education, Health and Economic Empowerment.