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Rural World Impetus, Inc. (RWI) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, lifting the lives of underserved communities in rural areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

We support youth education and community’s access to healthcare services, and we empower families for economic self-sufficiency.

Our model focuses on building school infrastructures and providing educational support to children. Since school attendance is highly dependent on good health, we also provide support to build health clinics and supply medical equipment.

Finally, we support families to form agricultural cooperatives for economic empowerment

Our Story

“We have a moral duty to give every child good education”

Our story is inextricably linked to the life experience of the Founder, Emery L. Ngamasana, a native from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).


Emery’s mom is an Elementary School Principal, and his father is a Counsellor on the Catholic Board of Education in the Diocese of Idiofa.


He grew up in a poverty-stricken rural area of the DRC and experienced first-hand, the perpetual cycle of poverty and multiple deprivations.

In 2005, Emery lost his aunty after several hours of a complicated labor in a remote location with no skilled birth attendant and no access to telephone. She obviously died after a long hemorrhage, she lost her voice, and any hope for assistance. Yet, her tragic experience is still that of many women today. Memories of his aunty are still hunting his family all the time, as they try their best to take care of the 4 children she left behind.

The story of Rural World Impetus dates back in 2018, when Emery visited his native area and was struck by the extent of poverty and the obsolescence of the schools, and health’ infrastructures. The primary school he attended lacked adequate tables and seats for the students. In other surrounding villages, children were studying under tries. The rooms from the health clinic, where he was born looked miserable. He got moved by the situation and started to think about his responsibility as a native of the area and a citizen, and how he might help.

In 2019 when the Congolese Government enacted a landmark policy for free elementary education for the first time in more than 5 decades, the calls for support became pressing. Children were lacking basic school supplies, while most schools in rural areas were unable to accommodate all incoming students.

Emery then decided to step up to support children in his rural community to take advantage of the free education policy. He developed a research-based model, inspired by a lean philosophy, to support children to access quality education while striving to keep them healthy.

After developing the model, he discussed with friends and colleagues, who decided to join the efforts. We believe that we, who are better off, have the moral duty to give every child the opportunity to receive good education. However, we cannot achieve this goal on our own. We need your help in this effort